Dean Arnett is an internationally award winning Creative Director, Self-Shoot Producer and Media Trainer, who specialises in producing high end documentaries and corporate content for broadcasters and clients all over the world. Storytelling and audience engagement is at the core of every aspect of what he does. It's these values and high standards that are in demand by broadcasters and organisations. Hence the BBC standard media training courses and workshops delivered around the world.


Dean Arnett has shot, edited and produced award winning documentaries all over the world, for broadcasters all over the world.




Dean Arnett has designed narratives and campaigns, produced, shot and edited corporate video for some of the biggest brands on the planet.



As an ex BBC Trainer, Dean Arnett continues to deliver award winning media training for broadcasters and organisations around the world.


Event Filming

Through the production company, Sparks Fly Media, affordable, fast and efficient event streaming and filming is something we've become known for


What does Dean Arnett do?

With awards for the films and content produced, both for the documentaries and media training, but also corporate video, made for some of the biggest brands on the planet. With over 20 years spent at the BBC as a Camera Man, Picture Editor, Producer/Director and Media Trainer, Dean Arnett is well equipped to both deliver and train in all stages of TV production.


Starting with designing narratives, treatments and discovering the most engaging story for the target audience for both documentaries and corporate video.



Years of experience of directing, lighting and shooting high end film. I have all my own kit, including high end cameras, lighting kit and motion rig.



Award winning editing and 3D animation, all conducted on three high end render machines and edit suites able to deliver a variety of professional CODECs.


Re-versioning for larger strategic campaigns on different platforms and social media is absoluely vital these days. Dean Arnett can not only advise and produce re-versioned content to serve campaigns, but also delivers training on the subject.

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