Media and broadcast training

Dean is an award winning, ex-BBC Academy trainer who now works independently and delivers media training all around the world for broadcast and corporate clients including; the BBC, MediaCorp, the Frontline Club and many others.

Dean invented the ground breaking H.E.C. test for pinpointing the filmable engaging essence of any story. This technique has demonstrated a day and night transformation for those newsrooms and broadcasters who have adopted it.

Dean designs and delivers bespoke courses for clients particular needs. These courses include…

  • Documentary developement and production training course/workshop
  • Filming and shooting with iPhones training course/workshop
  • Video Journalism training course/workshop
  • FCP X, Premier and FCP 7 editing training course/workshop
  • Viral video production and online engagement training course/workshop
  • Creative production and storytelling training course/workshop

Documentary Production training

This course is generally a four day workshop taking students through a study of what is a documentary, what are the elements of a great documentary and what do you need in place before you begin. With interactive modules students work their way through developing a simple idea into an engaging pitch, then a proposal, a treatment, a schedule a budget and all the way into a fully backable documentary. This workshop has directly created numerous succesful documentaries and factual series.

iPhone filming and editing training

This course is generally a two day workshop taking students through all the detail of shooting broadcast quality video on their iphones or ipads. The course covers what shots to get, how to frame interviews, sound, lighting and all the ancillary equipment currently available to make your production more professional. The students then edit, package and publish their finished films using the iphone or ipad. This course has been delivered to broadcasters  around the world including the BBC and various corporate clients.

Video Journalism training

Taking students from the very basics of camera operation, through shot and sequence structure, framing, interviews, sound, lighting and basic storytelling, this is a definitive Video Journalism course that has been responsible for taking hundreds, if not thousands of students into professional front line journalism. This course can be adapted to be delivered in any length from 3 days to 2 weeks, depending on requirements and budget.

Editing training

Most edit training worskshops out there just take you through the edit software and buttons. This training course does all of that, whether it’s Final Cut Pro 7, FCP X or Adobe Premier but also extensively covers the much neglected craft and grammar of editing. Timing, invisible edits, sequences, directing the audience’s eye and much much more. Braodcasters often use this edit course to imporve their camera guys shooting techniques! This is generally a two to four day course.

How to make your Video go Viral training

This course is generally a two to five day workshop with numerous exercises building throughout the course to give you a first hand understanding of what elements you need to make a video go viral. We explore numerous videos, using ‘real-time’ analytics to disect the audience engagement, moment by moment. From this we can distill the essential qualities shared by all succesful online video and build a

Storytelling and Audience Engagement training

This course is generally an intense one day workshop built around the famous H.E.C. test. We discover how to find the engaging essence of your story and then visualise it. With ‘real-time’ video analytics we study audience behaviour and work out what makes an audience disengage and switch off. The course explores different treatment types and how they are generally received by audiences on different platforms.

Many of the above courses can be accessed online both at my own online training site which you can find…

Students who have completed one of my face to face training courses can find handouts, downloadable content and support material here.