Some feedback from previous students and work collegues…

“I’ve just finished the training, it was really a valuable experience to be part of it, so thanks very much for your support!

Thank you Dean, your professional and rich training made me more passionate about documentary making and enthusiast to practice and improve my skills.”

Nancy Ibrahim

A Guardian article about an online video training course I designed for the BBC Newsbeat team – https://www.theguardian.com/media/2014/oct/12/radio-1-newsbeat-youngsters-news

‘ Dean is insightful & engaging with a wealth of knowledge’

Anon – Frontline filmaking course

‘Dean made the course very productive, gave in a road map and a way to structure that will be very beneficial’

Anon – Frontline filmaking course

‘Dean imported so much crucial professional knowledge, packed so much into the course’

Anon – Frontline filmaking course

‘I enjoyed the fact that the instructor (Dean) made the time to adapt the learning to the needs of participants / allowing time for questions’

Anon – Frontline filmaking course

‘At the end of the first day I felt like giving up on my project I didn’t feel adequate in terms of my shooting ability and what mistakes I have made so far… BUT during the 2nd day (2 hours in) I realised I should carry on…. Thank you Dean!’

Anon – Frontline filmaking course

“A real professional cameraman. We’ve worked on many projects together so far, but my favourite was the Airlander project, when we had the opportunity to document the first take-off of the world’s biggest airship. We controlled approximately 30 cameras with his guidence. Dean is the most experienced person who I’ve met in this business.”

Zoltan Meszaros