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‘The Story of Airlander’ is a three year documentary project, telling the incredible story of the Airlander hybrid airship.

Airships have captivated the public for decades. These majestic, giant ships, that ‘hang’ in the air, seem to defy physics. They are the graceful, silent, creation of big dreamers. They are the symbols of big dreams. They are the epitome of man’s deep rooted desire to create machines many times bigger than themselves that tame nature.

Hybrid Air Vehicles have spent years developing the airship idea, taking it to the next level by creating not only the world’s largest Hybrid Aircraft, but the world’s largest flying aircraft, Airlander!



However, the Airlander, built by Hybrid Air Vehicles at the famous old Cardington airship hangars (where the R101 airship was built), has not had an easy journey. In its original form, as a surveillance ship for the US Army, budget cuts meant she was soon cancelled, scrapped and cut up. Against all the odds, she was saved and what came next can only be descibed as an inspirational story of incredible achievement. It’s a story of a small group of men battling against the odds, taking on some of the biggest companies in the world by realising the dream of the original designer, who died just two months before their first order.

With unique, behind the scenes access from the last two and a half years (already filmed), leading up to and including the first flight, this amazing story can be told for the first time.

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